About Us

At Surge SMC we pride ourselves on doing the absolute best we can for our staff, clients’, and customers to professionally represent, grow sales and market presence in the channels to market that we have focus.  These are challenging times, as we all know, and the landscape has been turned upside down by recent events and the future remains hopeful, but uncertain.

We do not see these times as an excuse “not’ to perform, rather an invitation to be flexible and inventive and to match supply with opportunities and market needs.

Surge SMC is fresh, a result of old and new coming together combined with proven operating systems from the old Rothford.

The company can offer clients a comprehensive suite of competencies through its new structure now offering sales, merchandising, category management, trade marketing and 3 PL storage and distribution logistics nationally via our experienced and professional crew and in-house warehousing facilities with Hansells Masterton Ltd – our partner.

Hansells Masterton Ltd have been manufacturing and distributing products in New Zealand and offshore since the 1930’s. They have a strong and reputable track record in FMCG having contract manufactured and distributed iconic brands for major companies over many years.

In Surge SMC our focus remains in health & wellbeing in the ambient, chilled and frozen categories and across multiple sales channels focussed on meeting the requirements of consumers by using the insights and research we gather for our categories and through the collaboration we enjoy with retailers & suppliers here in New Zealand and elsewhere.

Surge SMC has an energy that is infectious – we truly love what we do and even through the day to day frustrations we can maintain the levels of enthusiasm and energy required to win. 

We understand the value of partnership and honesty and as such offer practical advice and council to our clients so that they can develop their business to optimum levels. Over the years we have found that where we work closely with the right clients and join the talents and best practice of both our crew and our clients’ we have amazing results that over time far exceed expectations.

We are looking forward to the coming years with people that want honest and solid partnerships to join us and sail through the tests of time and seek safe harbour in success.

Tony Trilford

Managing Director

Surge SMC Ltd