Rothfords Foodbrokers iPadOpmetrix Case Study

As a leading New Zealand business offering experienced FMCG professionals to drive sales for manufacturers in the retail sector, Rothford International Foodbrokers, an established sales, marketing, food brokering and consultancy company, is responsible for multiple clients including Deep South Premium Ice Cream, Abes Bagels, New Zealand King Salmon, and Giannis Panini and Pita Breads to name a few. Having the right tools in place to manage a growing company with a large field team is paramount to Rothford, which recognised the great potential of mobile technology solutions and the company was an early adopter before the industry became as popular as it is today – proving Rothford to be an innovative company with the drive to improve its business operations. With a high volume of information collected and shared from its field team, manual data entry to clients in a timely manner and without errors was a huge issue. “Crucial information that the field teams need was not disseminated accurately,” Maree Trilford, Rothford International Foodbrokers’ operations and finance manager says. “At times we were even relying on the post or faxes and staff to post credits and client reports back to the Support office. Another issue was enabling orders to be placed with our client’s error-free, as any specific order had many touch points. A specific order was written down by the rep, then phoned into our Support Office and written down again before faxing or emailing to the client.” Rothford looked to Opmetrix for a solution and has raised the bar since using Opmetrix as its main operating system more than five years ago, and have never looked back.


Opmetrix is a simple mobile application which helps clients harness the power and potential of mobile CRM and sales entry solution throughout their business, providing a competitive advantage for effective day to day management. Rothford’s key requirement was getting orders and credits to clients without errors before midday. “This now happens seamlessly via Opmetrix and so our priority in the last two years has been gathering data/information from stores via our field team to enable Rothford to provide reporting back to our clients on key distribution and activity objectives, and also for our sales managers to use the data to assist our teams set priorities and get results,” Maree says. “Now the generation and transfer of orders is direct from the field to our clients – this has reduced handling errors to practically zero and improved efficiency significantly.” The ability to connect with clients has enabled the business to operate at an extremely high level. Maree says that the distribution reports provided to clients have been critical in improving operations. What has really made a difference in managing the business eeffectively and achieving great results is the data collection via promotions, surveys and call cards. “The system has helped our teams plan their weeks, set priorities and objectives and drive results in the eld.” Opmetrix has helped the company build a vastly more enabled field team and strong enduring customer partnerships by arming all field staff with the right business tools containing everything they need, from being able to record calls and conversations, track sales history and store accurate and relevant information. To this end Rothford has rolled out devices and fully trained every sales rep and sales merchandiser across the country to fully enable them to do the best job possible. “The investment in equipment, time and resource to roll out and train all staff was significant, but has now set the company apart from most others and greatly improved the professionalism and effectiveness of our staff and delighted our clients. “Rothfords has had a lot of growth and changes in the last five years and Opmetrix has played a major role in how we do business. If we have required something new or changes to meet clients’ needs, Opmetrix have provided 80 percent of our solutions.

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